Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th

So I was reading Beauty by Robin McKinley last night. She's done two versions of Beauty and the Beast, this one she did after she married an Englishman, sold her Maine cottage and moved across the pond. (How romantic is that, by the way?)

She has a little note from the author at the back, where she explains why she's done the two versions of the same story. In it, she writes: "If you're a storyteller, your own life streams through you, onto the page, mixed up with the life the story itself brings; you cannot, in any useful or genuine way, separate the two."

She also talks about how she wrote that story because the current story she was working on was proving too difficult, and so she was procrastinating.

I wanted to talk through the page to her.

Last night Keith was working on some awards and asked me for another word for "success." I got all excited and started babbling about and had to lean over his shoulder to point out all the ways in which it was the best thing ever.

"Um...I think I can take it from here," he said, raising his eyebrows.

I think I need a writer's group.

In other news, have you guys tried pandora radio? Yikes. It's alive. You enter in a song you like, it takes the aspects of that song and searches for others that match it. It's almost eerie. But awesome.

Accuradio, I loved you, I did. But I'm moving on now. You know you'll always be in my heart.