Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th

It's dark and cold here today. I am busy, busy, busy typing out my old work and I love it. I unearthed this:

Old Hemlock’s Daughter

There was a dragon of old; lived he in the apple orchard by the river Nan. Met one day by the daughter of old Hemlock, Naomi was her name as she gathered in the mint. A basket on her arm, a scarf in her long hair as she bent under the boughs to pick when was heard the dragon voice.

“Halt there, maiden, long time’s been since girl I ate. Do come hither.”

“I’ll thank thee to come no closer warm, thou foul beastie,” said Naomi. “And I am not worth eating by thee in any way.” And she did not turn to face him, but put a mint leaf in her red mouth.

“Young thou art, eaten thou shalt be.”

“Oh, as to youth, there’s no complaint there, but the taste on thy tongue after swallowing, that’s the unpleasantness.”

“Me thinks thee will taste pleasantly of mint and apple, maiden, of fat and juices.”

“Will taste of steel, of points and pricklings, gormy worm.”

Laughed the dragon, warm his breath upon her legs. Turned about she and looked. Dragon long lay curled among the trees, head on claws outstretched.

“’Tis thy last meal I be if eaten by thou, verily.”

“How so?” For now curiosity roused.

“By this, the steel within my mouth.”

Opened her mouth, behold, great and shinning sword fell out from between her lips. Then knew the dragon of faerie strain came she; it were the very truth.

Turned about tail and ran, that old worm. Well better knew he than eat any such maiden as old Hemlock’s daughter, Naomi.