Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16th

We are trapped in the hotel and we can't get out!!

I'm sitting at a desk covered with a pile of receipts, my car keys, a bunch of Chinese sauce packets, a dirty coffee cup with two unused creamers and two dirty plastic forks inside it, Keith's ball cap, and a bottle of RC cola. Keith has set up camp behind me on the bed, with a lap top and season two of his latest show on Netflix.

We have found a house, but they needed a copy of the lease agreement from our renters in Colorado, and our property manager didn't call back in time, so we couldn't close the deal on Friday.

The house is ours; we filled out the application and put down the deposit, but we can't move in until Monday. It's a very nice house, a brick ranch with 1,900 square feet of space, a two car garage, a fenced in back yard, a swimming pool, the maintenance of which is covered in the rent and contracted out to a local company.

It's a pricey place. But we have been every where and there are just no houses available, and it is covered by Keith's BAH, with just a little to spare. We saw one that we would have loved, but it was already rented. We saw another one that was too small and the driveway too steep and Keith didn't like the neighborhood.

We aren't the only people having trouble. We met up with one of Keith's sergeants and they turned down their on post house because it was so disgusting. They've spent days looking off post for a house and finally have given up and are getting a three bedroom apartment. They have three kids and a dog. Poor things.

So far, nothing's been stolen off the car trailer, the girls have not pooped inside the hotel room and Keith and I still find each other attractive, despite the fact that we are in one another's faces twenty four seven, with a shrinking pool of clean clothing to choose from, and the fact that one of us is inevitably going to be listening to something the other person doesn't want to hear but can't get away from. We take turns with the ear phones. I sometimes sleep with the pillow over my head.

Fun times.

One more day and we can break out of here.