Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th

The house is oddly quiet; the rattle of the keyboard is loud and clear in the stillness. Beer cans litter various surfaces; I can hear the dogs figiting on the couch behind me.

Keith and friend headed out this morning, with fourwheelers, cases of beer and a tent, to go off and do their thing all weekend long somewhere in the Georgia wilds. I cheerfully waved them off, knowing that later I would get to watch English period piece dramas on Netflix to my heart's content, and eat Fruit Loops for dinner.

These mornings always dawn cloudy for some reason. The sky clears up by ten am, and then by two pm, thunderstorms have blanketed one horizon or another with a flat, gray smear and the smear grows and the light dims and suddenly I realize I"m sitting in the dark and go to turn on a lamp. And as I do, I look out the window and are amazed to see that the trees are whipping back and forth violently.

Only, it's perfectly silent. There's all the visual chaos outside; leaves ripped away, thin debri in the air, roiling clouds above, and yet, in the house, hardly a sound can be heard. Until it starts to rain. That I can hear.

Here are some random pictures I have finally bothered to upload to my blog. This are not taken in anyway creatively.

Voila, my desk. Though now it has a lot of pictures and stuff around it.

What you see when you first walk in the door.

Looking from the dining room into "the study" or, the place which should have been the formal dining room and instead, holds my desk and a random couch.
 The kitchen, obviously.
 The messy bedroom.
 Kitchen, looking toward dining room.
 This is my "I am a scary redneck woman" look.
 Lovely water.
 He looks friendly...
 ...but wait!
 Run! Run away!