Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31st

Keith and I are both sort of restless these days. We're waiting on so much.

We're waiting on his official orders for the new job, for one thing. It has to get processed like a move to another post would be,so it could be a few weeks.

Until then, he continues in his current position. Though he hasn't said anything, I think that kind of transition period is difficult.

Realisticaly speaking, it's probably going to be a rough transition all around. Apparently, during the interview, the man told Keith that there had been some shady stuff going on in the program before, so they cleaned house.

That's why the position opened up. He also told Keith that about thirty percent of the people in the Wounded Warrior Training program were just using the system.

We encountered that once before, actually, back in Kentucky, and it burned Keith up. I can't even describe how angry that made Keith. He still talks about it.

So, this new job is going to be emotionally challenging. But I think Keith is the perfect guy for it, because he's strict, demanding and yet he'll arrive an hour early just to coach a guy who needs help, like running with him two miles every morning.

Every time he's in an army school he ends up helping everyone else with the lessons and setting up practice tests for them.

And we're waiting on the tax returns, though that could get dropped into our bank account any time. Until then, it's like a large, tangled mess blocking the view forward, toward adoption.

Wait, wait! It arrived! Oh my goodness, so exciting!

Wow. We just paid the truck off.

I think this might actually be the year we start the adoption process. It's almost hard to believe.