Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th

"Will you be my Valentine?" Keith asked me last night. He was putting on his oh-so-innocent face, but his twinkling eyes gave him away.

"Always," I said. "I'll always be your Valentine."

"Even back then, all those years before we met, we were each other's Valentines," he said, just then thinking of it.

"Damn it, woman," he said, much later, after looking at his watch. "What's the point of going to bed early if all we do is stay up for hours? I have to get some sleep!"

This morning, I stood at the front window and looked out at the rain soaked front lawn. When I stepped closer to the window, I saw that the clouds had formed one of those lovely, jagged gaps through which the rising sun was pouring out white and gold glory, with a glimpse of blue sky behind.

It was as though my God were standing beside me, watching the sky with me. He spoke quietly to me.

See how the clouds only enhance the light? He asked.

"They do," I breathed in wonder.

I thought of how all the hard things, the pain and the suffering, only become a foil for greater glory; I thought of how they are all transformed.

I thought of that quote:

"In my deepest wound I saw Your glory, and it dazzled me." -St. Augustine

I've been thinking about this somewhat more than usual, because I have taken up writing Torii again. I have almost completely finished the first half, and sent it off to my editor friend to read, which is very exciting.

I was able to resolve several pressing plot questions and further streamline the story, so it stays true to its main point.

Now I am on to the second half of the story. Yesterday, I wrote two scenes that I hadn't been able to capture before and am well on my way toward the end, which I haven't written either.

I'm still not sure how it will end, but I have a feeling that I'll know when I get there.