Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18th

We're expecting one of Keith's brothers and his family down sometime this morning- in a few hours. So the blog will probably be pretty quiet over the weekend.

I've been really enjoying Rohr's latest Daily Meditations, because they seem to be keeping almost perfect time with my own slow thoughts. Today's was great.

"The final word for mysticism, after the optimistic explosion that we usually call hope and the ensuing sense of safety, is an experience of deep rest. It’s the verb I’m told that is most used by the mystics: “resting in God.” All this striving and this need to perform, climb, and achieve becomes, on some very real level, unnecessary. It’s already here, now. I can stop all this overproduction and over-proving of myself. That’s Western and American culture. It’s not the Gospel at all."

-Following the Mystics Through the Narrow Gate

I have been learning this lesson over the last few months, as so many of my blogs can attest to. You might even say, I've been learning this all my adult life, and will continue to learn it going forward.

Learning this lesson causes me to want to say terrible cliches like "Life is beautiful."

Now I have to go wash some dishes and generally straighten the place up a bit.