Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17th

It's Father's Day.

I'm grateful I have a dad who is always there to hear all about my existential angst. In fact, he insists that he actually enjoys being able to do that. Thank goodness.

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party in the afternoon.

I was in charge of the ice cream. This picture was taken moments before placing a scoop of rocky road into an unsuspecting guest's hand.

Ice cream- it's slippery. Be warned.

The birthday girl, right after taking a swing at a cupcake pinata- with a billy club someone brought home as a memento from their tour in Iraq.

She turned five. I remember when she was turning two.

Earlier that morning, Keith and I went out riding. It was just a tad bit muddy out there. Keith is proudly pointing to my hand print, clearly marked out in mud on his shirt.

We had one hour between ATV excursion and birthday party.

I'm not sure how, but in an hour, all the clay was out of my hair and I was party ready, with purse, birthday gift and a late and much needed cup of coffee in hand.

The night before, we had friends over and played games on the lawn until it got too dark to see. This game is officially called Bolango Ball, but we dubbed it Flam Flam, or Fling.

You can see why.

The men.

The women.

Totally posed shot showcasing Team Indiana. Go team! Way to artificially create a photo-moment.

Ugh. I'm still clearly not comfortable being photographed all the time.

However, I am getting better at remembering to take them, and there's lots more summer to go.