Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd

I've been quiet and waiting, lately.

It looks like the roof will need repairs. Keith thinks he can negotiate the one thousand dollar copay with the contractors, but who knows when that will happen, after all the destruction in that town.

It took my breath away, seeing piles of grey ash where an entire house used to stand- entire rows of heaps of ash.

Our property manager was one of those 32,000 who were evacuated, so her house might be one of those piles.

This month is the last month that we'll get rent. Maybe I'll be able to finish up the documents for the adoption, maybe not.

Even if I do, everything gets put back on hold until we get a new lease, and we still haven't heard about the state of the foundation.

So I just wait, and try to let all the different emotions flow through me.

This is one of those bottle neck times, when everything gets compressed tighter and tighter. They never last forever; eventually, one shoots out into a different landscape.