Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th

I've gotten so lazy with my blogging, after having had pre-made material for so long!

Let's see, what is life really like in the middle of this particular February?

It's rainy, for one thing.

Abby is snoring on the couch behind me.

Keith took our adoption portfolio into work with him, to secure our third year here in GA. Next month we'll be one year into his two years of dwell time, due to his job.

This whole process has been so drawn out, it took that entire year just to do the home study and get the house rented. That left us only one year to go active, find a match and legalize the adoption.

That is not enough time.

So, we'll be here a third year, and though I am not a fanatic fan of GA, I am very grateful to have enough time to finish the adoption without the anxiety of it being disrupted by a military move.

That is, provided we actually begin the next step of the adoption.

I can't really go into detail, but we've had several health scares with Keith, bad enough where we questioned if it would even be feasible to adopt. There were some surreal and serious conversations over that time period, as we tried to come to terms with what might be happening.

Things seem to be resolving and worst case scenarios are turning out not to be the case, but I think going through that drained me more than I was aware of; I feel kind of battered and leery of what might happen next.

I try not to look at the whole thing; it's too overwhelming. We are taking one small step forward today. That is good. It will have to be enough for now.

Thank goodness I am writing. Infertility and mortality seem to be the emerging themes of this new story.


Doesn't that sound like a boat load of fun.

I'm still not sure if this sequel will actually get written or not. As much as I'm enjoying watching the characters grow, I admit, I'm a little suspicious of it. Maybe because I've never done a sequel before.

Also, it's lacking a strong external conflict. As usual. As all my stories do, at the beginning. I'm not sure if a sequel will even be necessary.

But I guess I never write because it's necessary, so that shouldn't matter.