Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st

I feel as if I've had my head in the imaginary clouds for quite some time.

Between posting Rosemary (which makes me squirm sometimes, to notice all the flaws in my writing), and working on Torii, I'm amazed that I even know what month it is.

When I wrote Rosemary, I didn't realize how much freedom the author has, in terms of perspective. Almost every descriptive sentence was directed through Letha- as though the reader had to see, hear, feel, taste, etc, all through her and her alone.

It's too funny, when I think back. I didn't write it that way on purpose; I wasn't aware of it. The story isn't written from the first person perspective. It's supposed to be third person. My writing just came out that way, at first.

But now, when I get it ready to post on my blog, I have to go through and untangle nearly every other sentence.

My poor editor friend. I can see, as I read through now, just how much work she did.

It made me think, though, that it really is true; that writing is best learned by writing. There's no point being embarrassed that one is still learning. We're all learning something.

It makes me wonder what is going to stand out to me in Torii, years from now. But that doesn't bear thinking about, certainly not now, as I'm about to send it away.


I finished the end, even the very end.

I should probably get back to my poor neglected merperson, but all I really want to do is write more Torii. I want the characters to live on and on. I don't want to leave them be.