Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2nd

We are recovering from the flu.

During said flu, Keith decided to eat a bowl of cookies and cream yogurt, which he found delicious, and wished to share.

I myself did not think that yogurt and flu mixed well together, but I had no chance to tell him this, because he handed a spoonful of yogurt to me, just at the time I had taken a bite of oatmeal, which was a food choice I thought much more flu friendly.

So the spoon had to hover in the air a few moments while I swallowed my oatmeal and of course, bits of gooey yogurt fell off onto the couch.

I gave Keith my irritated wife look.

"Well, you should have just eaten it," he said.

"I couldn't!" I protested. "You simply thrust the dripping spoon at me!"

Keith burst out laughing. He had to laugh for quite a while, his head on his hand. "Woman! I did not "thrust a dripping spoon at you." I am not a character in your story."

So he thinks!