Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13th


We bought a house.

I guess when my husband pursues excellence, he find it and then purchases it.

It took me a day or so to adjust to the idea but it does work out better this way- we'll be saving money and then making money later, when we rent it out.

We found this one house, very similar to the one we live in now, only it was much further out, too far away from base to really consider.

Then we looked at a two story new build and we loved it. The neighborhood, distance to work, size, etc, all perfect. It didn't have a fence, but the builder would put that in and cover closing costs. It's only five minutes away from here.

There was only one thing remaining and that was to see if Keith's truck, the HD, would fit in the garage.

We suspected the garage door of being too low, but the next day, when we tested it, the HD sailed right in and then came to an abrupt stop at the wall with eight inches still hanging out the door.

So it was back to the drawing board.

"Our agent probably thinks we're crazy. She's probably on the phone right now, talking to someone and saying, 'You wouldn't believe this couple, they wouldn't buy this house just because the truck wouldn't fit,'" Keith remarked sadly, as we followed her to the next option.

"I'm sure every couple has their one thing they can't budge on," I said, comfortingly.

In the end, we realized that if we built it, the trucks would come, and they would park. Because, here in GA, a car port is a garage and a garage is a bonus room and a double garage is a wonder and a very costly upgrade.

So we are building a wonder, for the exact same price of the house we wanted, in the lot right next to it- a better lot, because there are woods to one side, that won't ever get built on, and woods behind, and behind that a school. The house will come with a fence, gutters and fridge thrown in.

It will be ready in mid August, which means mid September and in the meantime, we can enjoy the pool for one last summer.

And let's hope we don't get matched with a birth mother who is due in early autumn.