Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28th

Some lit cotton gauze lifting
as I sit in the open windowsill.
Lost, my breath goes through
first and following after my
fingertips resting, breathing in
lighter than air falling warm
though the fabric. Life knit
into life, stitched by breath,
each layer air, flesh and blood and
soil- this life shot through
with roots and tendrils curling,
and you.
So real you’re weather beaten
by dusty wind and sea salt-
finished by that suffering,
and all those scars
by which I know you.
In this present life I grew to sleep and
everything real became wrapped up
in a longing too much for hope.
Those dreams,
slipping away into my days
were stolen. One by one
I watched them shiver, shower
into glittering air and lose the light
that lit them from below, too
temporary to bear the weight
of your step
which I could feel trembling
all through me.
My hopes, too small to contain
you, were turned inside out
to greet you.
When I saw you,
I woke and remembered.