Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th

The Beloved comes home-
     and the rain washes up in billows
     flattening the grasses, leaving glittering
     baubles flung from the roof.

The Beloved comes home-
     and the fire flares up in the hearth
     sending shadows flying to the windows
     draping them with dancing hues.

Oh, dress the table with a coat of many colors!
Lay all those blown glass goblets down,
Let them shatter like light on water-
Let that be a pathway.

I will be dressed in trillium, aster and yarrow
trimmed with lace from the hedgerow
-quick now, shake the lady bugs out-
and snowdrops in my hair.

I hear His footsteps on the threshold
     and the swallows launch, delirious,
     to inscribe the sky with their gladsome falling.

Lift the latchkey
     barely breathing
          my hands all myrrh and honey.

O each time, the first time-
no matter how familiar Your face.

I forgot my veil, my voice, my manners,
I trace those lines, I know that voice-
they tell me what is and was and always shall be.

I laid my heart out for you on our table,
with the broken bread and the bitter herbs
and the best wine saved for last.

Cast the stars in the sky for light,
the crickets will make us music.

Come, lay down beside me,
You sweet One, You Only,
well pleasing, well known.
Lay Your head in my arms,
I'll tell You a story.

I'll weave You a crown of lilies
You'll wear when You're with me-
Your crown of state You'll keep
for more formal occasions-
it doesn't match Your bare feet.

Lay me down to sleep, I pray
the Lord my soul to keep close
all the night long as it passes by
outside our window until I wake beside
Your bright and morning light and
surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life and
I will live here in Your house forever, amen.