Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2nd

Well, it's a new month and I have actual coffee in my mug and thoughts in my head and I feel like blogging.

That actual coffee part is important.

My brother in law had one of those Keurig coffee makers on his counter, looking very smart and stylish, and I asked him, casually, how it worked.

"You can have it," was his reply.

It didn't fit his travel mug, so the coffee quality and ease of brewing were of no consequence to his  particular coffee drinking needs.

And so the Keurig traveled back down to Georgia with us, incidentally without its instruction manual. I set it up on the counter and the next time we went grocery shopping, I looked around for the individual brew cups.

This was at the tail end of our shopping expedition and by then, Keith was pretty much done with the outing, and so I quickly scanned the rows and rows of overpriced coffee and tea of many brands and ended up choosing decaf without knowing it.

This was a terrible, terrible mistake and one that I did not catch onto until two days later, when my caffeine deprived head attempted to destroy me by a force 10 blinding headache. I went to brew yet another cup of admittedly delicious yet strangely ineffective coffee when I happened to glance more closely at the cup.

Oh, the feelings of betrayal! Never mind that it was human error in the first place... moving right along...

Besides that, it doesn't seem to brew enough coffee for my oversized coffee cup, no matter how much water I put into it. What does the rest of the water go, I wonder? Probably somewhere where it shouldn't. It's probably creating havoc in the guts of the machine, right now, as I type.

Maybe I should look up the manual.

In any case, we are home now. We had a good trip and took many pictures. Here are a few:

How cute are these nieces and nephews?

They live in a town where it is legal to drive one's off road vehicles of all types on the road. So we climbed into the T-Rex and went roaring slowly down the middle of town, passing golf carts and dune buggies along the way. We stopped at intersections and generously waved lumbering diesel trucks through as if we had all the time and right of way in the world.

That's Indiana for you.

Down in Georgia, our house is still not done. It remains tantalizingly on the verge of being done and has been on that verge for the past few weeks while Keith and I remain on tender hooks and partly packed up.

Keith schedules things like insurance adjuster inspections and when such person arrives, lo, the house is still not ready to be adjusted for insurance.

We will be traveling to meet our birth family in the middle of August and we sincerely hope that by that time, the house will be finished so that we can begin to move in, especially as we have already given the rental company our prorated rent for this month- we have until August 22nd.

If the new house is still not ready by then, we will be in the strange position of owning two houses, neither of which we would be able to occupy.

This would be unfortunate, as our birth mother is pretty sure the little one is going to be arriving soon- sometime this month. So it would be great if we could actually be in the house and have the nursery actually unpacked before that happened.

Ah, life. I think I remember writing, in this very blog no less, that now that we were building a house due to be ready in August, we'd better not get matched with a birth mother due in September, but what were the odds of that?

Ha. Haha.

In the midst of this, yesterday was our wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with pizza and wings and a movie rented off the Playstation network.

"Are you upset I didn't get you anything?" Keith asked, later that night. "I wanted to get you a bigger diamond for this anniversary..."

"You are getting me something," I told him. "You're getting me a baby and a brand new house. What more could a girl want?"

Here's us, way back when: