Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th

Hello, dear blog.

When we left to visit the birth parents so long ago, we ended up meeting our daughter as well, as she arrived pretty much exactly when we arrived.

We were forty five minutes from our hotel when we got the text saying her birth mother had gone into labor and was heading to the hospital. We quickly changed destinations and have been playing catch up ever since- or until now, when we have been able to finally take some deep breaths and begin settling in.

We are in the new house, maybe eighty-five percent unpacked, the rental house clean and closed and our daughter with us.

This morning, I stood at the back door taking in the new scenery of golden fence boards and green pines while drinking coffee from my own cup, while Merissa slept in her downstairs bassinet.

This moment did not last long before I was bombarded with stuff to do, but I hope that it means soon I will have time to write out the adoption story, which I would love to do.

Here's hoping!