Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th


So I have far less time and energy to write than I ever anticipated not having, hence the long blog silence. Also, my old back injury has recently come back in full force, making sitting at the computer a very painful business.

However, here are a few bullet point updates:

* My mom was here for a week and now I have to remember, all over again, how I managed to do by myself the few things that I was doing before she came.

* I can exist- even bake or clean the house or cook or even all three- on three to five hours of sleep. I have no idea how; I just do. I remember the days when I thought getting six hours of sleep was a big, horrible deal. Ha.

* If Baby sleeps for five hours and those five hours were spent folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom and getting a few precious minutes of book reading to oneself, then it doesn't matter a tinker's damn how long she slept, one is still going to be exhausted when she wakes up, well rested, at midnight, wanting to eat, bounce and climb one's shoulder as if one were her own personal Mt. Fuji.

* Baby wearing does not mean that one has both hands free and therefore frees one to accomplish a multitude of satisfying and necessary tasks throughout the day while successfully engaging in the loving method of attachment parenting.

What baby waring means is that one must go about one's day doing everything weighing ten pounds more than usual, with only one hand- the other must hold Baby's head up- hot and sweaty- because Baby is like ten pounds of pure heat, and waddling.

* She is nearly two months old. How did this happen?