Friday, December 13, 2013

December 13th

As of yesterday, via telephone conference with a court in another state, this adorable little munchkin became our official and forever daughter:

I held her in my arms the whole time- I had to switch her to my left arm so I could raise my right and be sworn in by the traveling notary that stopped by just for that purpose, and just on time. 

Meri kept looking from Keith to me and back again, this look of love on her face, eyes wide; it must have been the tone of our voices that she was picking up on. She wore the dress her Grammie NH made for her by hand, just like the dresses she used to make for me, when I was Meri's size.

We had to answer a series of questions and all we had to do was answer yes, and it was very easy to say yes to each one and voila! She was acknowledged as our daughter by state and country, and just in time for Christmas.