Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15th

April 9, 2016

You delight Me and all that I am is yours, Jesus assured me. On April 5, also He had said, all that I have is yours and you may.

April 11, 2016

Jenny, Jesus said to me.

“Yes…” I answered, turning my attention to Him. I was cleaning at the time.

I’m with you.

"Yes," I acknowledged, because the confirmations of this have been continuous and intense.

And you belong to Me and I have given Myself to you.

Later- you can’t doubt any more, Jesus said to me firmly, as though closing a door.

“No, I can’t,” I acknowledged soberly, and then the hugeness of it hit me, and I physically fell to my knees, leaning against the door post. “I should die, I should die for the holiness of being in Your presence!”

But you don’t, Jesus said firmly.

I don’t because I’m a living member of His own body, His own flesh and blood, born of His Holy Spirit.

“Your own would have been satisfied just to hear the sound of Your voice from the other room, just to see Your face, just to touch the hem of Your robe… but that You give her all this…” I was in the rooms with Jesus, falling down at His feet and clasping His ankles in wonder and overflowing joy- joy so great my mind could not hold it. “She is undone by the gift of this love,” I confessed, “her bones melt, she melts into nothing but love and worship before You at the gift of Your boundless love… who can receive this? To know this is to be undone by love, to become nothing but love in return…”

That is also that way it is between Us, Jesus said tenderly, meaning between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because They are continually undone in boundless ecstasy of joy in the love of the Other given so wholly and in return, endlessly and joyfully surrender Their whole selves.

April 14, 2016

I was thinking of how involved the angels are in our lives, and how Jesus is showing me that now in a way that He has never before, so that I am hearing their voices.

"It makes it seem like You're further away," I told Him.

But I’m not, Jesus said firmly.

He is not, because I live in Heaven with Him and He lives in me on earth, because I am His dwelling place, and I am also seated with Him, my life is hidden with Christ in God.

The first time I noticed the voices of angels was not so much a voice, but a constant reminder to make the Jell-O. The Jell-O was for the girls from next door, who came over after school for an hour or so, until their big sister came home and could watch them until their mother's shift ended. But I had been forgetting each day, and each time the girls came over school, they would ask me, "Is there Jell-O?" And feeling badly, I would have to admit that there was not, because I had forgotten it.

But one morning, I kept getting these pointed reminders, a personal reminder, of the importance of doing this for the girls. Finally, I said, “Okay, yes, I’m making the Jell-O!” And then, wow. I was picking up on all kinds of helpful suggestions.

Eager to help! I heard in particular and quite clearly, and in fact angels do seem eager to help, but it’s so much all at once, to adjust to. Finally the Holy Spirit had to insist that He is teaching me how the angels help us in our tasks as we serve the Lord!

So I said, “Yes! Yes, You are, thank You! I love You! I accept this precious gift of Your teaching. You are my Teacher and it is an extraordinary privilege to be taught by You, and You are teaching me about angels. They are involved, they do the will of the Lord, they are sent as ministering angels to serve those that belong to the Lord.” So that was that.

“But there is no one with us in the holy of holies where we are,” I said to Jesus later, to remind myself of this.

Yes, that is always true, Jesus assured me.

“My angel may see the face of the Father all the time, but I put my own face right against the face of God, and that is a much higher thing,” I whispered to Jesus, putting my cheek against His, because I never want to forget this.

Yes, it is, Jesus said to me, without words.

“Jesus!” I whispered in joy. “Jesus!”

Beloved one, He replied, tenderly.

Written in my phone on this evening around 10:30pm:

“And You keep us safe,” I stated.

Yes, I do, Jesus declared, and His voice thundered! I heard it thundering like a roar through my spirit, which was the first time I heard Jesus' voice amplified in such a thunderous, definite way.

Last night, while Keith was in Indiana and after he had purchased the land, I woke in the night and was filled with intense fear that now I was in for it, because I was so often declaring that Jesus is Lord and His Kingdom is come and His enemies will fall- by which I mean spiritual things and not flesh and blood, ever.

There was an intense struggle for me to remain in peace and resting in the victory of Jesus. I recognized that if I gave any space to the fear at all, it grew exponentially. I kept being presented with a lie about my safety and what was around me. If I gave any credence to this lie, the lie grew worse immediately.

I knew it was a lie because there’s no way I could be surrounded or in the presence of all that, because I’m God’s own daughter and because the dwelling place of the Lord Jesus is within me, and I also live in Him, which means that where I am, there is the Kingdom of God, Heaven on earth. I also knew that there were angels instead, because Jesus sends that sort of help and He’s been teaching me this lesson very much lately.

I just had to keep resting in this truth, even though being presented with several other scenarios that were unsettling, to say the least. But I even threw the covers off and went to the other room for something, insisting that I was safe and sound and thanking Abba with each step and for each gift.

I wondered if in some way this was attached to buying the land. We are going to be moving into a new area, and I wonder if that leads to greater resistance for a while.

Also, as this was happening, I was aware, as I have been lately, that I am physically on the earth and so my physical vision of what is happening around me is severely limited, as I am not seeing from an open, heavenly view of everything and all history and the good purposes of God, and so I must walk by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and by nothing else, otherwise my vision would be terribly skewed.

Along with this understanding was the knowledge that it was my turn to walk by faith here on the earth, that others had walked by faith and knew what it was like and now it was my turn and not to give up, but to set my sights on Jesus and to carry through by depending completely on Him, even in difficult circumstances, which everyone faces when it is their turn, as Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but do not be afraid, I have overcome the world."

And I was eager to do well when it came to my turn, because of the encouragement of knowing that others had walked the same path, and that eventually, when I reach Heaven, everything will be laid open to me and all my faith in Jesus will be abundantly justified, to His eternal glory, and I want to heap glory on Him very much by having faith in Him now.

Also, I was realizing that Jesus was helping me heal from some very old fears by letting me face them under His complete authority and in complete safety, so that I could see that I was safe, so I kept saying to Jesus, “Thank You so much for the training- the Lord Jesus is the One who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war! You restore my soul, Lord Jesus, You restore my soul.”

Well, I was continuing on with this insistence on being safe and sound because my Lord is Jesus Christ and the victory is won, but I was getting physically quite tired and I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t ease my mind, which was focused like a laser beam on these truths, and I kept hearing the gentle suggestion that I should read the Bible, and the Holy Spirit reminded me that I have angels to help, and they were suggesting help, and so I said, “Yes, thank You, my Lord, I will take the help,” and I turned on the lamp and read Colossians off my phone, which fed my soul. I could actually feel how those words strengthened and reinforced and fed my soul. Strength and comfort flowed strongly right into me, and I ended up worshiping and praising Jesus for the beauty and the glory of His person, His pure heart of love. Then I read some of John and then I went to sleep.

April 22, 2016

That passion is Mine, Jesus said, when I checked in with Him regarding my passionate response. It was the injustice, He explained also, when I asked Him again about it. He meant, the injustice of being dealt with that way.

"But I don’t want to spend that passion on lesser things like that," I said to Jesus, and I felt the warmth of His burning, approving love.

I was thinking on David and how he longed to appear before the living God and I remembered reading somewhere how he might have written that while he was on the run and he must have been thinking about how, before being driven out, he had been able to go into the house of God to meet with Him there.

But now the alter is in you, Jesus said, and boy, did that ever light up in my mind in wonder! I don’t have to long to go to the old temple, as did David, because the very holy place of meeting with Jesus is in me. I can go to be before Him at any time. And I certainly did, and loved on Him.

April 23, 2016

“I love Your jealousy! I love it, I cherish it, I count on it! Your jealousy is a wall of fire around me! May Your holy fire burn up and consume any bad seed that my soul might have caught and may they be burnt up to ash, burnt right away that my heart and my soul might be pure before You, my Lord Jesus, as pure as glass, pure before You and holding only to You,” I was saying to Jesus in the burning white light that I was seeing Him in, His face hovering close to me, filled with inexpressible tenderness of love as I was pouring out worship and adoration to Him, my Lord and my God and my Creator and my Redeemer- my All in All.

And I can be with Him and my Creator is not far away and He is not some vague force, He is flesh and blood, the Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth, the Word made flesh and I am a living member of His body, always and forever... "And when I get to heaven, I was saying to Jesus, as I was cradled in His arms, His face bent down close to me, “When I get to heaven, You will share with me all of You, all that You knew and felt and said and saw while walking on earth and I will hear Your voice and see You as You literally were as You walked the earth and it will be my treasure! My treasure! I will treasure each piece, each piece of You that You share with me and I will delight in them eternally…" As I was saying this, I was seeing glimpses of Jesus, I was seeing Him falling to His knees in the grass and bending His head down to the ground to pour out His heart to Abba and I saw His hand, strong with sinew and darkened by the sun and tense with passionate feeling and I was gathering up these images to myself as though they were priceless, which I felt they were.

The power of Jesus’ prayers when He was on earth! The forcible, ungraspable power of them! His words on earth, even the ones not recorded, but also especially the one’s recorded, have unwavering defining power and they have set time and place in His order and determined history, establishing His will.

And I was saying,  “And You will teach me about Yourself before as the Word co-eternal with God, very God and You will teach me about You now, ascended and glorified, the Firstborn of a brand new creation and I will see all of this at once, and it will take all of eternity to praise You and worship You for all that You are and all that You have done! I cannot even begin to grasp this now, not even the smallest part can I grasp now! Right now it is as though I am seeing just a few stars in the night sky, but then I will see the whole universe all together and all that I will be is worship of You!"

I was rising up into the light and I had what seemed to be wings and they were trailing down behind me and my back was arching back in this leap, this strength of inexpressible joy and longing and delight and Jesus was there, above me, with open arms to receive me, and I was giving away my whole being; my whole movement was a giving away as I rose up into His light, the wings streaming down behind me.

I saw a whole multitude leaping up, each in their own turn, sometimes singly and sometimes in pairs or groups and all singing and pouring out worship with their whole being, a whole multitude, a choir of figures in golden white light, leaping up and falling back and leaping up again and worshiping and singing in ecstasy, in an entire choir before the Lord, who was directing the dance and the song, indicating one and then other, looking over the whole picture and directing each person’s part, as in a symphony.

“All the wisdom of God is stored up and contained in You, Living Word of God, Lord God!” I exclaimed, the truth of this hitting me, dropping me to my face before Him. “Lord God! Lord God!” I was clinging to Jesus’ crucified feet and pouring out worship and I was saying, “It is right and good that I should be at Your feet, it is right and good that I should bow down before You and worship You alone, Lord God! You are the Lord! You alone are God!”

“Oh, Your faithfulness!” I breathed, seeing it. “Oh, Your faithful heart! The depths and the height and purity of Your faithful love! How pure and how strong and how true and how deep is Your faithful love, never changing, never swerving, never abandoning, always keeping Your word, always loving with pure, unchanging heart!"

I was crying this out, because I was seeing how Father and Son and Holy Spirit stand before each other with completely open heart, never turning aside, never abandoning, never hurting, but always loving, receiving, trusting, being trustworthy, to the highest possible degree- to an infinite degree.

Then God turns to us and invites us into this communion of love, though our living union with His Son! And His heart towards us is perfect in faith, and perfect in love and perfect in trust and perfect in purity, but we must turn and surrender all and He waits for us to do this, guiding us into this as we grow, but He Himself, once He is in covenant, never turns away. He never breaks His word. His heart is eternally faithful.

“You are God!” I was crying out in wonder and awe. “You are God! You alone are worthy! You are worthy, You are worthy, You are worthy! You are worthy to receive dominion and strength and power and glory and blessing and riches, with Your pure heart of self-sacrificing, ever faithful love! How great is Your love! How great is Your faithfulness! You are good, You are good, You are good, and You are God! You are our God!”

And I was crying out to the choir, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Worship the Lord! Leap up and worship Him! Worship Him in your place, worship Him as He bids, take Your place, go forth, do as He wills and worship the Lord Jesus! Go forth according to His work and His bidding! Let each go forth in their place and worship Him, each a unique and living demonstration of His glory, of His manifold wisdom displayed for all in heaven to see! Worship the Lord!”

April 26, 2016

Went to Jesus by faith.

You overcome Me, He whispered, and in love, I was going to tease Him, but I had a brilliant insight and instead opened my arms and cradled Him tenderly and said, “I would never take advantage, just as You would never take advantage of the Father, who gave You all that He is to dwell in You permanently, You pure hearted One. All that I am is Yours,” I whispered to Jesus, “and that that You are is mine.” His love then was past words.

I had been praying about something and wanted to say, “I don’t know why You haven’t done this before…” but I put that thought away, because it wasn’t out of faith.

A moment later, was reminded of His words, “…until this time, you have asked for nothing in My name, but now ask…” Swiftly realized it wasn’t that He hadn’t done it, it was that I hadn’t asked Him for it, because I have never asked Jesus for something in His name.

But this time, I did ask, and I told Jesus firmly, “Now I’m asking You, and I know You will do this so that You will bring the Father eternal glory,” and something like rapture shot through Jesus.

April 26, 2016

Was praying straight to the face of Abba, who was bending down to hear me, as I was rising up into His throne to intercede on behalf of His children and to implore Him for the sake of His name to deliver them from slander, from accusation, from lies, from deception, from killing, stealing and destroying.

Was half way through this, each request rising up out of me as each time, the Holy Spirit blew through my spirit, lighting me up with an understanding of the name and person of Abba, and thereby connecting straight to the deepest feelings of His heart regarding delivering, saving, restoring, and faithful and merciful love, which is tied up intimately with His name and person and in which He rejoices because they flow right straight and pure from His heart because of who He is.

Was half way through this, and was almost knocked off target by a shaft of shame regarding my physical being and began to fall back, but Jesus reminded me that He is fully human and has a physical body and is as human as He is fully and very God. Then I stretched out my arms in complete surrender to the power and life of Jesus and I confessed before Him, “Lord, I am a helpless person, I can do nothing apart from You.” and Jesus caught me behind the arms and stretched out my arms as He stood behind me and Jesus lifted me back up so that I was standing again before Abba, but with my arms stretched out as though upon a cross, only with Jesus holding my arms up that way with His own arms, and I continued to pray and as I did, I was gasping each time physically for breath and the fire was burning in my stomach and spreading outward until I finished the prayer, when I had to pause to collect myself and then went on to pray from Colossians and read this:

“Giving thanks because of our faith in Christ Jesus- how we lean our whole self on Him with absolute confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness…” (Colossians 1:3-6)

Then Jesus told me to write this down, which I have and now I will continue praying.

Then as I was praying, I realized that hope endures forever. Hope endures forever! I do not ever have to give up hope. Tears ran down my face, so great was my relief and so great my joy at the beauty of Jesus. Then I had this great, joyful desire to share this with someone, so I checked several times with Jesus and He confirmed each time, each time also saying, as He did the first time, don’t look back. Jesus means, share it and don’t look back anxiously. Give it as a gift completely freely, with complete faith in Jesus to do as He wills with it.

So I began to write the comment and the Holy Spirit helped me to put it right and I posted it, but despite all that, was hit with some anxiety afterward and Jesus commanded, strongly and clearly, Walk toward Me.

What could I do, but in my spirit, walk toward Him, toward Jesus my Living and Sovereign Lord, whom I will one day meet face to face without any veil at all? I walked toward the Lord Jesus, and His smiling, radiant, fearless face came right into view, looking right down into mine, His eyes smiling, clear, radiant.

You will not be ashamed in eternity for that; those words are a beautiful gift forever, Jesus stated resoundingly, both in words and without. Because that’s what I always worry about- that when I see Him face to face, to account from every word I’ve spoken, that I will be ashamed to find I got something wrong, and Jesus in His mercy and His strength and reassurance, say to me many, many times, you will not be ashamed.


Radiant with joy-
because of the perfect beauty of Your faithfulness and redemption.

All thanksgiving and blessing be to You, Heavenly Father, for sending the Son!

Radiant with joy-
because You have sat down at the right hand of Abba.

All authority and dominion to You, conquering and sovereign Lamb of God!

Radiant with joy,
because Your unveiled face is shining in our hearts.

All trust and adoration to You, indwelling Holy Spirit of God!

Radiant with joy,

because of the glory of God radiating from Your face.

All glory to You, Living Radiance of Abba, now and forever incarnate!

Beholding You, Lord Jesus Christ,
we are passing from glory to glory,
growing into Your likeness-
because it is Your will,
for the praise of Your glorious grace,
because we are Your children,
because we were made for eternal life,
and to bring and display living glory to You.

In the whole world,
the gospel is bearing fruit to life everlasting
and to the glory of God,
spreading by God's own power.

To the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
the Kingdom and the power and the glory,
forever and ever.