Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2nd

Mmmmmm..... Chai latte flavored coffee creamer.

There is nothing better that a big cup of strong, hot coffee in the afternoon.

On my therapy days, I don't drink my coffee in the morning because I don't want a coffee induced call of nature coming right as I'm driving down the interstate in Louisville, you know? So I put it off until I get home again.

The day is this enchanted mix of sun, cloud, strong wind and sudden flurries of snow. It's especially beautiful when the flurries of snow coincide with the sunlight. There were moments of pure glitterati on my drive; I felt as though I were driving into whirling sparks of falling light.

I love life. It never works out the way one imagined, but it's so beautiful anyway. Know what I love best about life lately? Putting the house to rest at night. I wash all the dishes, wipe down the stove and counter and empty out the coffee machine. I turn down the thermostat, I turn off the overhead light and everything then is washed in the soft glow of the stove light.

All the clean surfaces shine. Everything is so quiet I can hear the wind outside. I know that upstairs my husband is entertaining himself with online war. Upstairs is our bed, clean and cool, with my latest book waiting for me on the bedside table.

Deep in the night, when the rest of the house is grown cold, I'll be warm and safe in bed, lost in dreams. In the morning, I'll get up and start the cycle all over again. Like breathing in and out, all the things which are done daily, over and over. Those are the things I love the most.