Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st


Today I finished the Ceallach story. I just finished it, actually, like, five minutes ago. I kept this one scene from way back, before I'd added the third part to the story, because I just had a feeling about it, you know? And I was right. It was the last scene. And it works perfectly.

And guess what? The last section has a little over sixty pages, so that its length mirrors the first section. Oh, yes. That happened.

Now I'm putting that story to bed for a while. I'm going to let it stew. I have to proof read the several pages that just wrote themselves so smoothly today, for the obvious errors they inevitably contain, and then I'm sending it out to be read.

Oh, the upcoming agony.

But I guess that'll just be a warm up for when I send it out in manuscript form, to hopefully be published.

I'm just filled with adrenalin right now. I should have jogged this morning; it would have taken the edge off.