Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22nd

As you can see, I gave my blog a face lift. It was fun and thematically appropriate, considering both Torii and the metaphorical mountain that is the attempt to get published.

Allll-rightly, then. After about 735 revisions, here is my new one line summation:

Narrated by the heroine with emotional authenticity, The Hidden Road is a love story that explores the captivating interplay between reality and fantasy.

A bit wordy, but getting there. One of the tricks seems to hinge on being aggressively selective with one's adjectives. I hate this, since I tend to throw them out like beads at Mardi Gras.

After about 1,398 revisions, here is my newly revised mini synopsis. It's okay that this is more than three paragraphs, btw. For this agent, it need merely fit on one page, which it does, along with my introductory and concluding paragraphs:

Growing up in the woods of New England, Phillipa Ramsey always knew the pines hid mystery amid their shadows, but as a self-contained college sophomore, she thought she had put such fancies aside... until a flat tire stranded her along an unknown road, one cold, March night.

When Phillipa knocks at a stranger’s door, she finds a man who has been hiding from his past. For centuries, Ceallach had lived a calm, reclusive life, one that contained no hint of his Sidhe heritage. He wanted nothing more than his books, his gardening and the quiet passage of the seasons… until he opens his door to Phillipa.

The attraction sparked between them that night proves to be irresistible; it quickly becomes a love that is passionate, tender and full of wonder. With the buoyant impracticality of first love, Phillipa begins the task of making a life with her eccentric, reserved Sidhe lover, often with humorous results.

Phillipa’s new life with Ceallach comes to an abrupt end when he receives a summons he cannot ignore. He must return to the ruined landscape of his past, to fulfill a long held debt to his older brother. Initially forbidden to come, Phillipa insists upon following him, despite the fact that only one day in the Sidhe world could means decades lost in hers.

In the treacherous and beautiful land of Tir na nOg, Phillipa’s fledgling relationship is put to the test. She must remain true to herself amid the bewildering Sidhe world. With her resiliency and dry sense of humor, she quickly becomes an anchor for Ceallach, as he finds the courage to put his ghosts to rest, both on and off the battlefield.

Each step along their journey, their life in human world could be slipping away, lost to the capricious passage of time between the worlds. Phillipa must hold onto her love through all the dangers, arguments and obstacles, or they will never find the hidden road home.

I have several completed short stories, as well a 40,000 word adaptation of the fairy tale, A Sprig of Rosemary. I am currently about 50,000 words into my second fantasy novel, The Sacred Gate.

Better, yes? But still so distressingly blurb-y. I mean, I know. That is the point: it's supposed to be a blurb. But, gah! It's not me, it's not my voice. Is that the best way for me to summarize my work?

I don't know.

I'm going to let this version simmer away during the weekend, and then, come hell or high water, I'm sending it out on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday, when the agent might be in a better mood, you know? Actually, Wednesday might be optimal... Or, next week sometime.


Notice that in the paragraph where I should put all my non existent accolades, accomplishments and contacts, I have instead named my other writings. This is to make clear to her that, although I am not yet a professional author, I am a prolific one, and she can stand to make a fair amount of money off my apparently continuous creative flow.

Though, who knows if I have a third novel in me or not. If I do, I can't feel it yet, though I have some vague ideas simmering away.

Now that my brain is fried, I'm going to go swim.