Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th

Well, I just sent off my first query letter. No doubt, it will be one of many, but it was a massive step for me to take.

I can't believe I've gotten here. I can't believe I wrote a novel, and that I have the cohones to begin trying to sell it to the publishing world.

I had to call my mom, I was so terrified, as I read and reread my query letter. I was so terrified I couldn't hit the send button.

Oddly enough, at that moment, I was terrified about being accepted. If I am, that creates an entirely new dynamic in my life.

I had to close my eyes and put my head down on the edge of my desk. "Dear God, no matter where this journey takes me, please come with me," I prayed. "Into Thy hands, Thee I adore, Thy will be done."

Then I hit the button.

Now I'm going to go work out for like, two or three hours, just to burn off the worst of the anxiety attack. And I have banned myself from rereading the letter. It's out of my hands now.