Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30th

Keith is feeling better and hopefully will be released from the hospital sometime today. If they don't release him soon, I fear he will make a break for it, I.V. pole in hand, scattering empty wheelchairs and startled health care workers left and right.

I'm surprised they managed to keep him this long; it's evidence of how miserable he's been feeling. But they still don't know exactly what's wrong and he is waiting to hear back from the last couple of tests.

His supervisors have been so understanding and he need not worry about class until Monday; that was a huge weight off his mind and allowed him to actually rest.

I have researched plane tickets, just in case I need to fly down, but at this point, I don't think I will need to. Just in case, I know what airports to fly in and out of, and I guess I would just leave the girls in the back yard with lots of water and food. Keith could call a buddy and have someone come and check on them, if need be.

But I think things will be fine. Yesterday and today have been weird, anxious days. I've just sort of been hanging around, waiting for the next call and the next little bit of information to trickle through.

I'm starting to feel less anxious, but I really wish we knew what had happened. I mean, it's a relief that all his tests are coming back normal, but then what on earth happened?

I will be very glad when he is home again.